New tumblr!

Hello my lovely followers!

Just to let you know I have created another tumblr account which I will be using to post and reblog things that I like/love things that inspire me! (I will still be using this account here to post my own artwork!)

The reason I have made it is because due to my current job I have no time to draw myself, so my tumblr has become very quiet. To stay active, I want to start making my own visual scrapbook of what I like and share it with you :)

My second tumblr is here:

There will be lots of magical things to see! including: Geeky things! (pokemon, zelda, sailor moon etc), cats, 2NE1, Kpop Lady Gaga, burlesque/ vintage inspired imagery, my own photos and artsy things.

Please follow if you think it might be relevant to your interests!

Thank you!

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